Life Globe 3D

Life Globe 3D is a version of Conway's Game of Life applied to the surface of a globe.





Click on the run button to start the life simulation, the Stop button stops the life cycles and the Reset button applies a randon 50% life distribution over the surface of the globe.

Clear the globe by clicking on the Clear button. Click on the globe to set or unset a cell.

Enter new rules to see them applied immediately, if the rules box turns red then the rules entered are invalid and no life cycle will be carried out. The rules must be in the format Bx/Sy, where x and y can be any number (including none) of digits, the B digits mean that if a cell is empty and has any of these numbers of neighbours then a cell will be born, the S numbers mean that if a cell is alive and has this number of neighbours then it will survive, any others will die out. See Wikipedia for more details.

Rotate the globe using the scroll bar at the bottom of the window.

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