Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail Generator is an application to create thumbnails of folders of images.





Enter the thumbnail width and height in the thumbnail boxes. Select the background colour by clicking on the Background Colour box. This is the colour used to make the image up to the required size if the shapes are different. The scaling of the image will always retain its size ratio. In the sample below the background colour is yellow and the thumbnail generator has filled in an area above and below the image with the background colour.

If a watermark is required then enter the text in the watermark text box and select the font and colour, enter the size in pixels in the size box.

Clicking on the Single Image 'Load' button will allow you to see a sample of the settings before committing to processing a folders images or allow you to process images one at a time. Click on the 'Save Bitmap' or 'Save Jpeg' buttons to save this single thumbnail image.

For batch processing click on the 'Batch Process' button.

The image on the right of the window is the original image scaled to fit the window, the image on the left is the thumbnail at actual size.

Screen Shot

Select the source folder, all Jpeg images in the folder will be processed in turn.

If using the Process Each option the destination folder is not used. Select a destination folder if you are going to use the Process All option.

Pick the save format from the two options available, Bitmaps and/or Jpegs.

The File Prefix will be added to the beginning of the file name before saving.

If you choose the Process All option, all images will be processed automatically.

If you choose the Process Each option, you will be asked for a file name for each image.

Screen Shot

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