Traveller Star Map

Traveller Star Map is an application to display star charts from the original classic traveller RPG.





Pan by holding the mouse button down and dragging the map.

Zoom by rolling the mouse wheel back and forth.

Click on a system to show the details of that system.

Turn display elements on and off by using the checkboxes.

Search for a system by entering the name in the search box and clicking on the Search button. If the box turns red then the system was not found.

Screen Shot

The data is stored in 2 csv files called systems.csv and routes.csv.

The contents of these files is labeled. You are free to alter or add and remove data as long as the format remains the same. The file is a Tab separated text file.

The colour of the systems shows the loyalty

Green = Imperium Member

White = Independent

Yellow = Darrian Confederation

Blue = Zhodani Consulate

Pink = Sword Worlds Confederation

Rings show the Travellers Aid status, Amber and Red.

A white dot below to the right of a system shows there is a gas giant present.

A white dot below to the left shows a naval base is present, a black dot represents a scout base.

Routes are shown as lines, blue for non Imperial, green for Imperial.

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